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First Day in Braces: Silke from Sidney, Australia

First Day in Braces: Silke from Sidney, Australia

Here are some weird and wonderful things I thought I’d share with you about my experience with braces so far. I’ve had my braces on for 3 and a half months now. My teeth have moved quite dramatically already. I never expected it to happen so quickly. Anyway here’s my list of hopefully helpful tips for anyone out there thinking of getting braces:

Lots and lots of people have not even noticed I have braces. This surprised me because before getting them, I envisioned explaining my metal mouth to everyone and their dog. I told people at work I was getting braces and believe it or not, one girl was jealous! She says she has always wanted braces. She has perfect teeth but even asked her dentist if she could please get braces. Now that I did not expect.

I’ve only had one adjustment so far and I am happy to report it was completely pain free and very quickly. I was in and out in under half an hour with brand new modules (ligatures). My next adjustment is this Tuesday. I expect it to be another pain-free experience. The only time I have had to go on soft food was the very first few days after I got my braces. It’s really true what they say, the first week is the worst, pain-wise and getting used to the general feel of having braces in your mouth.

You suddenly go through toothbrushes like they’re going out of fashion. I’ve been going through about 1 every 3 to 4 weeks.

The bathroom mirror is constantly smeared with toothpaste spray.

After about 6 weeks your cheeks develop calluses and you don’t need as much, if any, wax. I think I ate about a kilo of wax the first few weeks. It was a real pain applying and reapplying wax after eating and brushing.

Bumpy gums! Is it just me or do my gums suddenly feel like mini alien creatures want to burst forth? I’m going to ask my orthodontist about them on Tuesday. When I run my finger along them they feel weird. I’d say it’s all part of the teeth moving process.

Tongue biting! Youch! No one told me that as my bite changes my tongue would get in the way when I speak. I had a cross bite which is nearly completely fixed. My tongue tends to sometimes get caught in the place where the cross bite met. I repeat, youch!

Braces dreams. Since getting braces and even before, I have been having very vivid dreams about braces. The other night I dreamt I was at a bar and all the people in the room had braces! I was marveling at this huge coincidence to anyone who would listen.

Thanks for reading. Go well everyone. See ya 🙂


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