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The Changing Face of Orthodontics

While the goals of orthodontic treatment haven’t changed since the early days, the way in which we reach those goals to create beautiful, healthy smiles has evolved significantly. With today’s advanced digital technologies, doctors can offer a more comfortable treatment experience that is both faster and allows for better, more exact final results. Gone are the days of providing all patients with the same metal brackets regardless of the underlying issues. Now, we can customize brackets and digitally design each step of the treatment to ensure the course of action addresses the patient’s needs (yours!)

Almost all adults believe a smile is an important social asset and approximately 23 million adult Americans are interested in improving their smiles. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment as an adult, you’re not alone. All patients share similar concerns: how long treatment will take, how painful will it be and how will it affect appearance. The world of orthodontic treatment has changed! Today, with cutting-edge technologies, we can forgo headgear and bulky metal braces and develop a predictable, patient-specific treatment plan with custom made brackets. The following article highlights how technology has successfully addressed some of the biggest treatment fears adult patients have. Braces may just be the perfect option for you!

Increased Comfort

After decades of research and innovation we have the tools to make sure treatment is as painless as possible. Using computerized systems that combine digital treatment planning with specially made brackets and wires tailored to each patient’s unique dental anatomy, orthodontists can now design a treatment plan with precise detail. Most of my adult patients—despite my encouraging words—believed that their braces would be slow and painful. Their experiences have been quite to the contrary, most often exceeding their highest expectations. Not only are they seeing the progress of their beautiful alignment happen quickly and comfortably, but they are enjoying the benefits of improved chewing and overall health.

In addition to increased physical comfort, I use Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™—a digital treatment planning tool— that offers greater peace-of-mind as it generates a virtual 3-D morph of the final smile design for viewing prior to bonding brackets. As someone who has undergone treatment firsthand, I understand that the process can be a bit overwhelming. Being able to ask questions about your own teeth and visually see the transformation you’re about to embark on is comforting and helps you feel both prepared and excited.

My patients who have chosen to undergo treatment with virtually invisible braces have also experienced increased comfort. By eliminating the need for regular tightening that is required with traditional braces, Damon Clear reduces friction and in turn minimizes pain. When it comes to social discomfort, those who feel hesitant about undergoing orthodontic treatment due to appearance can maintain confidence throughout the process by considering clear braces or clear aligners.

Expedited Treatment

You’re busy, and we know that! Fewer appointments with rapid results is what you want. Each aspect of the customized treatment I offer my patients is precisely calculated to optimize tooth movement, ensuring the most efficient plan is at work. In turn, treatment periods are, on average, 37 percent shorter than with conventional braces, and can be done in seven fewer office visits.

In my opinion, faster treatment time is by far the most impressive benefit of today’s cutting-edge technologies. Regardless of what appliances are being used, undergoing orthodontic treatment is often perceived as a burden. The ability to abbreviate the process has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on busy adults looking to improve their smiles and enhance self-confidence as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Beautiful Results

With traditional braces, the treatment prescription is typically a standard, one-size-fits-all way of thinking. The problem with that is that there are variations in tooth size and shape that will ultimately affect the desired fit and alignment. Digital technologies, allow us to clearly see the arrangement of teeth, design the best fit, assess the smile, and position brackets prior to the appliances being fabricated. The patient’s braces truly become uniquely their own.

When braces are designed for you, the result is the best possible finished product in a short amount of time. A glowing smile not only boosts self-esteem, it also impacts overall health, including improved chewing and reduced—or often times eliminated—nagging headaches, jaw and neck pain. A variety of beauty factors are also based on straight teeth, as your smile is one of the most prominent features on your face. In addition to evaluating how we can improve facial symmetry, your profile and perception are both taken into consideration when designing the ideal treatment outcome.

Technology that Lets you Choose Your Treatment

With the variety of new technologies available today, adults can choose a treatment method that is customizable, comfortable and fast. No longer looked upon as “childish,” adult braces go beyond improving your smile by impacting your health, beauty and confidence. Furthermore, with the subtle, aesthetically-pleasing appliances on the market it’s easy to keep your treatment under wraps.

Most importantly, technology—such as Insignia—has made it possible to affordably improve alignment in a predictable and abbreviated timeframe—making beautiful smiles a reality at any stage of life.


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