What are the benefits of SMARTCLIP™?

Standard braces use rubber bands to hold the wire onto your braces. Advancements in technology now bring self-ligating braces onto the scene. Instead of rubber bands, 3M™ Self-Ligating Braces use a unique clip or movable door to hold the wire in place. Which braces you choose is between you and your orthodontist, based on your treatment needs and aesthetic preferences. With SmartClip™, your teeth can stay cleaner and you can spend less time in your orthodontist’s chair.

Move Your Teeth Gently and Effectively

SmartClip™ Braces hardly stress your teeth, and nudge them to the right place with light forces. So these braces are comfortable to wear and engineered to move your teeth quickly. As these braces manage without rubber bands, they’re less noticeable than metal braces with rings. No rubber bands means an extra benefit – easier brushing!

Benefits of SmartClip™

  • Reduction in friction, which results in more efficient sliding mechanics than traditionally ligated brackets
  • Improvement in oral hygiene with an open slot and elimination of ligature ties
  • Reduced chair-time for archwire removal and insertion
  • No plaque entrapment in sliding mechanism and bracket slot
  • Ability to ligate on an as-needed basis
  • Treatment flexibility of twin tie-wing design

If you would like to learn more about SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Braces, please contact us and schedule a free orthodontic SmartClip™ braces consultation!

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